We're a software consulting company helping clients across the globe turn ideas into production-ready applications. We've helped solve problems for Fortune 500 companies and family businesses. Our passion for problem-solving knows no boundaries.

Our Focus

We primarily helps clients with:

  • Python desktop applications
  • Web development
  • Application development for Scientists and Engineers

We focus on leveraging industry standard open-source tools to build applications that are cross-platform by default.

We're standing on the shoulders of giants in the Software world that's why our developers regularly contribute to open-source projects and speak at conferences.


We love technology and curiosity has pushed our experience across the entire software landscape from low-level Solid-State Disk development to mobile applications on the backbone of today's amazing web browsers. We would love to hear about your existing software stack or problem domain, but we consider ourselves experts in the following areas:


It takes years to become an expert in any particular field. We've done the hard work in the Software field so you don't have to. Your time is better spent becoming an expert in your business domain, let us turn your ideas into state-of-the-art Software.


A successful Software project needs at least 3 things:

  1. Communication

    It's no secret that Software projects often fail. We believe the biggest factor in a project's failure is a lack of communication.

    You know best what problem you're solving. That's why we'll work closely with you every step of the process by providing you working application demos and constant feedback. It's much easier to have a conversation about working Software instead of diagrams and design documents.

  2. Focus

    Software is one of the world's first mediums to provide near limitless possibilities. We're lucky enough to create products almost out of thin air. The downside is it's easy to lose focus on the core problem. That's why we'll constantly refocus your application back to the core problems, not the specific technology being used. Solving the correct is important, not the software stack.

  3. Experience

    As we say in Texas, this isn't our first rodeo. Our developers have been building solid applications for 10+ years. We've seen countless software practices, platforms, and languages come and go. We love new technology, but we've been around long enough to build you applications with robust technology, not just the newest.


We're a firm believer in the power of telecommuting. We're in Texas, but wherever you are we can easily connect with you.

We want to hear your problems. Email us for a free consultation, the coffee's on us.

luke (at) perkolasoft (dot) com